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What we do

Our name means one at a time and describes how our artisans lovingly create each treasure. And, taking things uno alla volta is at the core of our philosophy for living a meaningful life.

Our merchants travel the U.S. and much of the world in search of artisans with whom we collaborate to create for you these very special designs. Our artisans create jewelry, collectibles, accessories and art in all its forms. They work with glass, metal, fabric and clay. They use techniques passed through the generations and they use techniques invented just yesterday.

Wherever our artisans may be, halfway around the world or right next door, whatever techniques and materials they use, whatever form their personal expression takes, they all have one thing in common: the creations they bring you are fashioned by their hearts every bit as much as by their hands.

Talk to them and you will hear in their voices the happiness that creation can bring. They will speak of the joy of spreading “particles” of their human spirit throughout the world, much as a dandelion spreads its seeds. You will hear of their wish to create something truly lasting – something which will be cherished, appreciated and shared.

Talk to our customers and they will share with you an appreciation of what it means to be a caretaker of work fashioned by a fellow human being. 

Glas Necklace
Glass Rings
Glass Earings
Glass Bracelet

In Alemonia we love and look for perfectly imperfect objects that combine simplicity of function and aesthetics.


Traveling the world of creators, we select a carefully curated collection of beautiful and practical products for your interior. Our ambition in this new adventure is for Alemonia to become an ambassador for the contemporary creators of Texas.


The very first thing any craftsman have to consider is whether they want to earn money or if they just want to create work as a hobby. Glassblowing can very quickly lead to the point where even an amateur will have to reconsider the purpose of their creations.


Selling murano glass product to the public and offering services from your studio means that it must be accessible to the public. You have to choose an aproppriate place and consider certain state and city laws as well as general safety laws that are important to obey.


Home based businesses are often popular, because it may be a cheaper option and it is possible that you can subtract a part of your home from taxes. Mothers can take care of their own children when they are not in school and combine work with home routine.


It is a good idea to make a list to identify the needs of the glass artist. Instead of wasting time, energy, electricity and maintenance, it is possible to convert the extra space to money by renting a part out to a person with a complimenting business.